Gingerbread House

A 20 year old man stands on the steps of an old victorian mansion searching for answers about what had happened there 20 years before:

"The newspapers said my parents lived here for one year. There was no clear information as to how they died. Do you know?"

"The only thing I can tell you is that your mother apparently died in childbirth."

"And my father? How did he die?"

The hesitation and apparent withholding attitude his father still displayed angered Jeff but he softened and spoke.

"I have to know. Don't you understand? Maybe some people would be content but..."

"Suicide...he killed himself. Apparently in remorse for your mother's death."

"And left me to die too? Maybe he blamed me for her death."

Gingerbread flashes back a century to tell the bone chilling story of what happened to Jeff's family while they had lived in the old Victorian home for only one year just before he was born.

© Copyright. 1984 KRozek.  All Rights Reserved



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