Kenneth Francis Rozek

Kenneth Rozek

Kenneth was a beloved father, husband and a lifelong artist. He was so productive as a painter and writer that it was truly amazing how much time he had to be an elementary teacher and most of all the greatest father anyone could've ever asked for. His girls heard stories of this book as they would run out of the room as quickly as possible because it was evident that the home they had lived in their entire life was it's inspiration.

His creativity allowed him and his wife to raise their children with such a strong imagination and sense of fairy- tale dreams that they all became performers and teachers following in their footsteps of entertaining children and adults on a daily basis. He did this with such love that upon his untimely death, hundreds of people whose lives he'd touched, both young and old, turned out to celebrate his life.

Now, three years after his death, this book has been made available as an ebook download for the truly adventurous and brave to read as just one example of something he created in his brilliant, and sometimes twisted mind during his time on earth. He truly lives on forever in the hearts of everyone he came in contact with.

He would love an opportunity to bring a chill to your spine with this creation that he modeled after his many readings of writers such as Stephen King.

Yes...his family still lives in the house!



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