From the Readers

"...I covered the mirrors in my house!'

"...I was taken by the way it pulled you from the present day, back a century and then sprung forward again. It was very creative and well worth reading!"

"As a daughter of the author, i spent a lot of my childhood hearing little pieces of my father's fantastic ghost stories. I loved to believe them because he did! I never dared to read the book until this week and I as i did, I couldn't believe how much of his life he breathed into this fictional tale! It was like hearing his voice tell it all over again! Having lived in the house where he clearly placed the story my entire life, i was very able to visualize where his reality blended into fantasy. Great job Dad!...and i'm not walking back into that place again!"

"...i found myself unable to put the book down because i wanted to see what was going to happen next. Everytime I'd find a stopping point, I would read a little further and get sucked back in!"



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